Providing Medical Supplies, Food, School Supplies and More

Global Assistance has sponsored children at risk through the generosity of many of our friends and has provided heart surgery for children from Belarus where such medical procedures are risky or unavailable. We have remodeled two rural orphanages that were in total disrepair; and we have also provided tons of medical supplies, clothing, medication, vehicles, food and equipment for schools and hospitals. We work with secular organizations and Christian groups alikeā€”all our efforts are to help those in need and those who are unable to help themselves. We work closely with Mier Ministries in Minsk.

Partnering with Other Organizations

Global Assistance is currently collaborating with organizations throughout Africa where the needs are so basic and so fundamental that generally just about any area of Africa is in need of help. Food, medical supplies, medication, clothing, vegetable seeds and the list goes on! Poverty is rampant; AIDS is affecting up to one-half of the population of some nations; education is minimal in much of rural Africa; food is in short supply due to drought and lack of knowledge of modern agricultural techniques. In some countries Global Assistance is partnering with World Children’s Fund and Medical Mission International to assist in alleviating the suffering of the poor and needy. Among some of the countries served in Africa are Zimbabwe, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Niger, Sudan, South Africa, Mozambique and Burkina Faso.

Sharing Humanitarian Aid

Global Assistance has provided humanitarian aid for the people of Israel for many years. Over the centuries, this war-torn land, with all of its ethnic, religious and racial groups, has seen suffering heartache, war and terror attacks. Global Assistance has provided medical supplies and personal care items for both Arabs Israeli military selecting medical supplies to deliver to needy Arab villages. Jews With immigrants arriving in Israel from Russia, Ethiopia and every comer of the earth; many poor Arabs living in rural villages; and a struggling economy due to huge defense spending, our aid was and is crucial. By sharing humanitarian aid with such programs as the Joseph Project and Joseph’s Storehouse, we are able to reach those in need.

95% of Funds Go Towards Health and Education